Arts for Rehabilitation

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LimbPower are developing our arts programme because we understand that not all individuals with limb impairments can take part in sport or want to take part in sport. Participation in the visual arts, performing arts, literature and film and television have many of the same health benefits as participation in sport. LimbPower believe that participation in physical activity, such as the performing arts and participation in events and activities have a positive impact on the physical, social and psychological rehabilitation of individuals who have acquired a physical disability through injury or illness and can also have a positive impact on children born with limb difference.

LimbPower believe that through the arts we can develop new connections, meet new people and build new relationships, develop our sense of self, and rebuild our lives. Since the Second World War the arts have been recognised for their restorative and transformative qualities.

LimbPower currently offer an online photography group (facebook) who run projects and photography trips and we organise the confidence workshops (facebook), to boost self esteem and enhance the body image of women who have acquitted a physical limb impairment.

We have formed a panel who are looking at raising funds for a Dance, Fitness and Movement event in Bristol. If you have an interest in the arts and would like to help LimbPower or if you have any ideas for events and activities please do contact us.