Wheelchair Sports


Accessing Sport and Physical Activity

LimbPower are dedicated to providing and supporting others to provide opportunities for amputees and people with a limb impairment to enjoy sport and physical activity.

LimbPower have a number of sporting partners who we work with, specifically to provide opportunities for participation. They are Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, Athletics and Nordic Walking.

We also work with many other sports and provide advice and guidance on how to engage more people with a physical impairment into their sport.

Finding a sport or activity that you like and can take part in locally can be quite daunting so LimbPower run multi sports events as well as sport specific events where people can come along and try a new activity in a safe and fun environment.

If you wish to find an opportunity locally to you then please follow the link Find a Sport this will guide you through the process on how to find a sport to suit your impairment or to find a local club.

Watch this video from our friends at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors on participation in sport as part of their "Don't quit, do it" campaign

LimbPower are available to answer any sport or physical activity enquiries as well as hear about the successes and problems you have experienced. Please email: