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Many amputees and individuals with limb impairments don’t wear a prosthesis, using a wheelchair as their mobility aid. Some amputees and individuals with limb impairments use a prosthesis or orthosis for everyday use and a wheelchair only for sports use because it gives them many more opportunities to engage with sport.

LimbPower welcome all individuals with limb impairments to our events both non-wheelchair users and wheelchair user and we have both standing versions and wheelchair versions of many sports at our event, but we do not specialise in wheelchair sport. Our partner, National Disability Sport Organisation WheelPower are the experts in this area.

WheelPower, the national charity for wheelchair sport, provides opportunities, facilities an equipment to enable disabled people to participate in wheelchair sport and lead healthy active lives. They run an annual programme of events and support individuals to find sports which they are passionate about. LimbPower and WheelPower work together and between us you should be able to find an activity or sport which suits your lifestyle and ability.

Please do contact WheelPower if you would like to know more about wheelchair sport