Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an increasingly popular activity throughout the UK, suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Using specially designed poles – not to be confused with trekking poles – offer enhanced walking technique giving you an all-over workout that can be enjoyed in town centres or open countryside throughout the year.

Is Nordic Walking for you?
If you can walk you can Nordic Walk! The poles mean that effort is shared between the upper and lower body so it actually feels easier than normal walking, particularly uphill. Nordic Walking puts less strain on joints than other activities and can be very effective for people with mobility issues.

Nordic Walking is a helpful part of the rehabilitation process and as an exercise to support and improve your mobility and fitness. It’s an ideal activity if you haven’t exercised for a while or dislike traditional sports or gym activities.

It is a fun and a sociable way to keep fit and can aid weightloss.

What are my options to get involved?
LimbPower have trained or are working with 9 amputees and healthcare professionals as Nordic Walking Instructors operating in Roehamtpon, Nottingham, Manchester, Preston, Derby, Leeds, Bristol, Essex and Northampton.

You can come along to LimbPower events and "Have A Go" or you can join a British Nordic Walking instructor locally.

To get the most from the technique you will need to train with a qualified Nordic Walking instructor. Once you have learned how to Nordic Walk you can join your instructor’s regular sessions as well as those of other British Nordic Walking instructors. If you buy your own poles you can Nordic Walk whenever and wherever you like.

What equipment do I need?
The only special equipment that you need is a pair of Nordic Walking poles. You can borrow these from your instructor for initial lessons and group walks or you can invest in a pair of your own. You will need comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for the weather. Your Nordic Walking instructor can always advise.

What will it cost me?
Costs vary but commercially offered lessons and group walks are generally priced at the same level as other fitness activities in the area. There are a number of community projects around the UK that offer free or low-cost Nordic Walking activities.

Poles vary in price according to quality; expect to pay between £50 and £150 depending on your preference.

How do I get involved?
To find a local qualified instructor and Nordic Walking group please visit and use the find an instructor facility or contact or contact British Nordic Walking