Limb Solutions

Limb Solutions

Limb Solutions are a private prosthetic clinic offering a range of services. We pride ourselves on offering tailor made care packages at affordable prices which enable our customers to live active and fulfilled lives.

Our family run practice allows you to attend the Hampshire clinic or if travel is difficult, which it can be for many people we can see you at your home. This is a unique service and one that we believe is incredibly important during the early stages of rehabilitation. Over the years we have established a core group of customers for whom we offer what others don't. Regularly providing home visits where casts and minor and emergency repairs can be carried out I'm the home. It is this bespoke, flexible and can-do attitude that sets us apart from other prosthetic providers. We value people as individuals and build a friendly and trustful working relationship with our customers.

At our private clinic you will receive one-to-one treatment by our prosthetist Ian Jones who has over 20 years experience, including leading the service at DMRC Headley Court for over 6 years working with military amputees, working with two Paralympians and other amputees interested in physical activity and sport.

We are not linked to any manufacturer, working with them all to ensure you receive the most appropriate, independent advice and the best prosthetic components available in the world. We are very proud to have recently received a highly commended award from BHTA in recognition of this service.