Kate Tulett and Emily Wilkins

Art 4 All Case Study

Emily, a mum of three young children with special educational needs, and an amputee of 12 years based in Plymouth always found it tricky to make it to get togethers and support groups. Distance was always an issue and finding the time around the kids was a challenge.

When lockdown hit Emily found herself at home with her children, shielding and cut off from the outside world.

She hadn’t done art since she was at school but had started to dabble a little six months beforehand. When she saw that we were offering Art for All during lockdown she was hesitant at first. She was worried about how she would make it work around the kids.

Kate Tulett, an artist from Limpsfield who runs the course for us, spoke to Emily and was happy for the kids to be involved in the sessions too. Kate was used to working with children and had recently done online sessions with children so was more than happy to accommodate Emily’s children.

That was it. Emily signed up and it has literally opened doors for her that she didn’t think were possible and has filled her with so much confidence she is now keen to pursue a Degree in Art.

“I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was I wanted to try art and this seemed like the perfect thing to attempt with the kids in tow from the comfort of my own home. I cannot explain how much it has given me,” said Emily.

“I feel like I have been truly blessed. Not only have I learnt new artistic skills, I have gained so much more confidence in my own artistic ability, my children have seen me in a different light, they have really enjoyed being a part of the sessions and I have developed the most amazing bond with women all over the country that just get me, get my circumstance and instil me with so much strength week on week,” continued a very grateful Emily.

Kate said, “I have been overwhelmed

with the outcome of this course not only with the power of art and online sessions but the amazing, close-knit bonds that have been formed by this wonderful group of ladies. They have all connected through their art and on a more personal level and I feel so happy to have been able to help them in more ways than one.”

Classes were weekly and it was meant to be a four-week course but the ladies love it so much that the classes are still going and there seems to be no end date!

“Hearing that Emily is now looking to pursue this further really fills me with so much joy,” said Kate.

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