Jack Eyers and Rikk Cahill

reVAMP Case Study

Lockdown was challenging for everyone and many found it difficult to stay motivated and continue with their exercise regimes. We created the reVAMP programme to help amputees and those with limb difference to remain focused, be accountable and learn their own abilities in a supportive group.

Working alongside Jack Eyers, a personal trainer, amputee and GB athlete, three different programmes were created supporting 24 amputees at one time per programme.

“When you have a limb difference sometimes you can feel intimidated, nervous and somewhat isolated to be getting into exercise and finding your strength again,” said Jack.

“reVAMP has been designed so that all those taking part in the same programme can communicate and be accountable to each other forming a support group, friendships and a network of people on a similar mission. You are never alone and the entire group work to cheer each other on.”

There are three programmes to choose from, each lasting 12 weeks.

• reVAMP 1 – this is open to single leg amputees that wear a prosthetic or double leg amputees that have mobility.
• reVAMP 2 – this is a seated programme for those less mobile.
• reVAMP 3 – this is focused on upper limb amputees.

Each programme includes professional exercise routines specifically designed for amputees or those with limb difference and dietary advice.

reVAMP has been so successful for those taking part that it is now in its third cycle. Rikk Cahill has recently taken part and has found it very beneficial.

Rikk loves working out and keeping active. He regularly plays and coaches wheelchair basketball and it is a real passion of his. When the UK went into

the second lockdown in December 2020, Rikk lost all motivation to keep up with his exercise and he began to feel lost.

Rikk came across a post about reVAMP and was keen to see if he was able to take part.

By just completing his first programme Rikk has found his love for exercise again. He is back to doing what he loves best outdoors and is grateful to the programme for giving him back that motivation he was lacking after the second lockdown.

“It was great being put into a WhatsApp group with other participants as we were all accountable to each other. When I used to wake up and see others had already done theirs, it pushed me to make sure I did

mine,” said Rikk.
Rikk feels very strongly in exercise giving

him a focus, “No matter where you come from and what disability you are living with, don’t let this stop you at all. Just decide you want to do something and do it.”

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