Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in the limb different community, thanks to British Cycling’s new initiative called ‘Limitless’.

This inclusive club programme aims to provide cycling opportunities for disabled people of all ages, impairments and abilities. Clubs that are part of this initiative have gone through crucial stages to ensure that they are inclusive and capable of addressing the unique challenges faced by limb different individuals who want to cycle.

Whether you’re a beginner, a returning cyclist or someone looking for a new challenge, joining a Limitless club is a great way to get involved in sports. These clubs are located across the country and are expected to grow in the coming months and years, providing more opportunities for interested individuals. You can find a list of existing Limitless clubs and their contact details sorted by area by visiting

If you’re already being bitten by the cycling bug and want to pursue it further, it’s important to know the classification in which you may compete. You can find this information on British Cycling’s Para Cycling page at:

If cycling interests you and you want to get involved, email: info@limbpower. com or visit us at the LimbPower Games in Stoke Mandeville, where British Cycling will be in attendance.