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Golf is a simple sport. At the heart of it, getting a ball into a hole but how you do that is entirely unique and up to you. Everyone has a different swing and our professional network of coaches will work with you to make yours and inspire you to love the game.

The game is inclusive in its set up so you can play with friends, family or club members and enjoy the challenge and reward of taking part in a game that allows anyone, regardless of their ability or impairment to play.

Through the network of over 1800 golf clubs, 400 short courses and ranges, England Golf aim to create opportunities for you to Get into golf and play the game for the reasons you wish to, whether they be for fun, for competition or for health.

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What are my options to play?

The golf course is the leveller in the game so you can choose to play with a prosthetic, without or from a seated position. It is up to you and what works best for you. You can choose to play 6, 9, 18 or more holes of golf, different facilities within your area will offer different opportunities and we aim to support you to find the level of golf that you would like to play. Playing as part of a golf club or part of a local society, the game of golf offers you the chance to play golf with competitors of all abilities and impairments and compete fairly against them. Getting out in the fresh air and having the chance to enjoy the fantastic courses whilst keeping fit and meeting new people.

What equipment do I need?

For initial sessions golfing equipment can be provided and loaned as you continue to learn. We can provide links to organisations who provide options to play from a seated position for you to try and find the right equipment for you. The majority of golfers with a physical impairment will play with very minor adjustments and the only thing that is required is a set of clubs.

What will it cost me?

Different facilities offer a range of golf memberships or pay and play options. Playing at off peak times will be cheaper than peak times. Memberships will allow you opportunities to play the course anytime and enter competitions at the golf club. Equipment can be purchased second hand through local facilities or through websites such as ebay to get you started and out playing. These are a low cost solution to getting into the game.

How do I get involved?

England Golf have created the Get into golf campaign for all golf facilities to promote their starter, beginner and advanced lesson packages that offer low cost group opportunities to get started or return to the game. You can visit the website www.getintogolf.org and look up your local opportunities. If your local facility or there is nothing listed then get in touch with us at development@englandgolf.org and we can help signpost you to opportunities at your local club or facility