Horse Riding

Horse riding and carriage driving

Horse sports are great for people of all ages and abilities. From a gentle walk in the countryside to the thrill of showjumping, there are activities to suit everyone. Riding and carriage driving are great for general fitness, balance, coordination and core strength.

Unlike other sports, the added element of the horse offers the chance to build a unique partnership with an animal. Learning to work together, grow in confidence together and achieve together is a truly rewarding experience.

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Options to get involved

With the right coach and a suitable horse or pony the world of horse sports should be open to everyone. Some people choose to take part with a prosthetic and some without. This generally comes down to personal choice and comfort.

If you are not sure whether horse sports are suitable for you, contact a centre or organisation with experience of working with people with limb loss, such as RDA (see below).

What equipment do I need?

If you get into the sport, you’ll doubtless what to buy your own riding hat, but most centres will supply one. Apart from that you won’t need any special clothing – just dress for the outdoors.

Where to start

You can find your nearest riding centre here:

If you would like information about riding or carriage driving with more specialist support, or to find your nearest RDA group, visit