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England Athletics
Hundreds of thousands of people across England are involved in athletics and running. In many ways it really is the most exciting, diverse and vibrant sport there is. For many people athletics and running provides opportunities to develop their fitness and meet new people whilst for others it is the ultimate challenge to their competitive abilities. Whatever your reasons for taking part the range of disciplines across the track, field, road and off-road provides an incredible diversity of events for different people with different skills and abilities which means that it is impossible to stereotype what it means to be an athlete. For but the range of age groups, events, competitions, groups and clubs means that there really is something for everyone!

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What are my options to play?

Running includes a whole range of activity on road, off-road, cross-country and fell. From one mile runs up to marathon and beyond! You can take part either using a prosthetic or a wheelchair.

Track and field athletics includes sprinting, running and wheelchair racing (100m up to 10,000m), jumping (long jump, triple jump and high jump), throwing (shot put, discus and javelin). You can take part either using a prosthetic, a wheelchair or throwing frame.

What equipment do I need?

You may need a racing wheelchair, throwing frame or prosthetic to take part in athletics and running. England Athletics has a number of ‘Start-Up’ clubs who have racing wheelchairs and throwing frames for new athletes to use to get started (see our website for more information). For those looking to take part in the sport regularly you will need to get your own equipment that is designed specifically for you. England Athletics can provide advice on how to access funding to support you with this. You may also need a prosthetic. These are not provided and we advise you work with the relevant healthcare professionals to determine the best type of prosthetics to use for the activity you want to take part in. Running prosthetics and running blades are available but not everyone needs them to get started or for every type of athletics and running.

What will it cost me?

Costs vary but average club membership fees are between around £40 and £80. Local Run England groups are either free of typically charge between £1 and £5 per session. A bespoke wheelchair costs around £3000 and a throwing frame between £150 and £900.

How do I get involved?

If you would like support to find a local club and coach to get started please register at or contact