Feb 13

Learning to Cycle Blog 1

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Saturday 13th February 2016

On 26th September 2014 I was lucky enough to take part in the Limbpower bike ride from London to Amsterdam. A distance of 226 miles over 3 days. I took the place of someone who had got injured and had 10 days notice. It took 2 of these 10 to persuade Terry , my husband, that this was actually a really good idea , his recurring argument being , an able bodied person would train for this kind of mileage , I had a disability and no real training and also I had only ridden a bike outside again for 9 months. The conversation over these 2 days became quite dull, with me on the point of pleading and he saying 'no'. I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn't refuse but I needed his blessing and for him to not worry about me. He did eventually relent but not through anything I said.

I have sat in limb centre clinics waiting for appointments reading those magazines that are always on the table, containing stories where people have achieved way out of their comfort zone. I have been in awe at both the challenges and their mental strength, which is often accompanied by a statement that they have a new prosthetic and have not looked back. I do not fit this category, my self belief sat on the floor for a long time, I have missed my leg and still do, I have 'looked back' being unable to totally shake off the horrible guilt feelings of what my family have had to cope with because of my accident and injuries. Nine days out of ten I am fine but there is always that 10th day.