Feb 13

Learning to Cycle Blog 2

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Saturday 13th February 2016

I had invested in a bouncy leg, I am not sure what it was officially called but my children referred to it as ' the Terminator' or 'Arnie'. This prosthetic had a rigid ankle but with a small blade at the front and at the back increased my mobility and reduced the fatigue of walking with a prosthetic limb. So... amazing leg but not the confidence to use it fully. A good prosthetic is like the foundations in a building, so important to get right but the rest takes self belief, self confidence to both succeed and fail and luck. For me the luck came first in the shape of an empathic, unselfish inspirational cycle teacher called Sharron. My daughter Sophie had attended her classes when she was home from university, while I had had a little mooch about in the gym, but more often found someone to have a coffee with albeit in my gym kit. I used to have a little peep at the class but as I had not been able to get comfortable on a bike did not feel this was possible.