Feb 13

Learning to Cycle Blog 7

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Saturday 13th February 2016

So on 26th September 2014 I was lucky enough to take part in the Limbpower ride. It was an incredible life changing experience, I met some truly amazing people. My life has changed over the past 3 years I have a sense of freedom back and also the confidence to fail. As stated previously the prosthetic is the foundation but the pivotal moment was Sharrons unselfish act of kindness. I have been asked what my next challenge will be. Since this ride I have taken part in a few cycling sportives, have swum in the Thames in a triathlon team, I have cycled in a duathlon team, am doing the great north swim 5k and helping at both the junior and senior games, but most excitingly I am doing the Limbpower Coast to Coast cycle ride in June. I can't wait.