Feb 13

Learning to Cycle Blog 5

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Saturday 13th February 2016

On one of our bike shopping trips we noticed a bike to work scheme and ended up buying his and hers bikes. It felt very exciting. We hit the road, unfortunately I became almost paralysed with fear, I had totally lost my nerve. I found it difficult to get past parked cars and even puddles . I was hugely disappointed with my self . A tenth day. I was too ashamed to admit to anyone how bad I was feeling, I had been so sure I wanted to buy and ride a bike and now... Terry on the other hand was in his element and planned a cycling holiday with some friends in France, I had a deadline to get to grips with my fears. It took time and perseverance, I booked some bike ability lessons, thinking I would be looking like Buddy in the film Elf going in and out of cones in a playground with a group of 7 year olds but it was all very grown up and enjoyable. I learnt a lot and by the time of our holiday was tentative as opposed to terrified. The holiday was a blast we cycled between 25. -45 miles a day, laughed a lot and drank far too much, I didn't want it to end and had definitely overcome my fears.

I saw the Limbpower bike ride advertised, noted the mileage but also noted it said ' a good first challenge' I enquired . Terry was horrified, but to me it seemed perfect after the struggles I had had to be able to give something back. I watched the updates of those going and their training blogs as they prepared.