Feb 16
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OttoBock Fitness App

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Tuesday 16th February 2016

In July 2014 OttoBock launched a fitness app for amputees. I started following this app, but then got side-tracked by other things, as often happens in life. Since becoming an amputee I have been pretty active, however 2014 was probably my least active year since becoming an amputee, due to a combination of work commitments, a toe injury and child care. I put on weight which prevented me from wearing my running and cycling leg. I decided to take part in a research study by the University of Strathclyde, partly to support the study, as this research is invaluable to the amputee population and partly to get me think about other ways to exercise to manage my weight and to feel fitter and healthier, with the goal of getting back to my idea weight and being able to don my running leg and cycling leg.

Last week I visited the Life Science department of the University of Roehampton, where they conducted some fitness tests to ascertain my general level of fitness (slightly better than I expected, but quite far from where I would like to be). I will now use the OttoBock Fitness App for 12 weeks recording how I feel, what I weigh and whether I notice any changes in my physique or level of fitness. At the end of the 12 weeks I will pay another visit to Life Science department of the University of Roehampton to be tested again to see if there have been any improvements as a directly result of using the OttoBock Fitness App. The only other exercise I will be doing is walking my dog.

These exercises are for new amputees and existing amputees, “Remaining active with an amputation is extremely important for rehabilitation and this app is an ideal tool for both existing and new amputees who want to improve their independence and mobility” said, Ken Hurst, Ottobock UK Academy Manager, so anyone can join me over the next 12 weeks to improve their fitness, it will be nice to have some company so I don’t fall off the wagon!