Feb 16
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OttoBock Fitness App Day 1

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Tuesday 16th February 2016

Day 1

I probably won't post everyday, due to other commitments, but I will aim to do at least one post a week over the next twelve weeks. I completed my first training session this evening for the duration of 15 minutes (you can choose different training times ranging from 5 minutes to 11 minutes). I focused on the Strength and Endurance programme (not for any particularly reason), rather than the Coordination and Balance programme, which I will do tomorrow. I opted for the most difficult level, something I may regret. So the first lesson I learnt is don't choose the random order option if you haven't taken your prosthesis off, as some exercises are definitely easier to do without the prosthesis on. Judging from the avatar the Strength and Endurance exercises are designed to be completed without your prosthesis on. I will try this next time and see if it makes it easer or harder. The exercises were actually more difficult than I expected, something I am pleased about, because I wasn’t sure that these exercises would be of equal benefit for new and established amputees, but the three different levels of difficulty, actually do make the app suitable for amputees with varying degrees of fitness. I completed 8 different exercises including; the bridge, crunches, the swimmer, kneeling push-ups, pelvic rocking, the steam engine, the side bridge and leg lifts. I found the leg lifts the most uncomfortable, I wasn’t sure if this is because I wasn’t in the correct position or because I have a dynamic hip screw, but I found it uncomfortable resting on the hip on my residual limb side. I will investigate this further as it might be something that other people also find uncomfortable.