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Get Ready to Step into Action with LimbPower’s Prepare to Move and Prepare to Run Programme: Empowering Amputees for Active Living!

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Monday 24th July 2023



Date: Monday 24th July

Get Ready to Step into Action with LimbPower’s Prepare to Move and Prepare to Run Programme: Empowering Amputees for Active Living!

LimbPower, the National Disability Sports Organisation and registered charity dedicated to championing amputees and individuals with limb differences, is ecstatic to unveil its much-awaited series of "Prepare to Run" and "Prepare to Move" days! Prepare to be moved by these fantastic training programs, designed to empower amputees with essential exercises and techniques, enabling them to strut their stuff, run like the wind, and embrace active living on their everyday prosthetics and bespoke activity/running limbs.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities! The Prepare to Move and Prepare to Run Clinics have been crafted to address the unique challenges faced by amputees and people with limb difference, whether they're sauntering, sprinting, or dancing with their prosthetic limbs. After all, who said a mechanical or electronic prosthetic can't groove with the best of them?

The Prepare to Move Workshop supports improved mobility, increased self-confidence, and enhanced prosthetic trust. Nothing should stop you from moving and grooving like a pro!

The Prepare to Run programme is all about unleashing your inner speed demon! Engage in preparatory exercises that boost strength, conditioning, proprioception, agility, and balance, and teaching you the foundations of running on a prosthetic. Move faster and with more confidence and maybe even run for the first time!

“I have experienced first-hand the power of these workshops, gaining invaluable skills which have helped me in my everyday life as an amputee and in engaging in physical activity including running. My life was vastly improved after improving my prosthetic proficiency and building trust in my prosthetic device. I would recommend these workshops to anyone who wears a prosthesis/es”. Kiera Roche, CEO, LimbPower

Prepare to Run is more than just a training program; it's a giant leap towards empowering amputees and individuals with limb differences to embrace an active and exhilarating lifestyle. With valuable insights, proven techniques, and exciting exercises, LimbPower is your key to unlocking a whole new world of improved mobility, running and physical well-being!

Ready to jump in? For more information about LimbPower and the Prepare to Walk and Prepare to Run Training Programme, get your fingers moving and click over to our website: www.limbpower.com or email: tom@limbpower.com


Notes to editor:

About LimbPower

LimbPower is no ordinary charity; we're a powerhouse of support and empowerment for amputees and individuals with limb differences! Our mission is to create an inclusive space where everyone can dive into physical activities, sports, and the arts with confidence. Through comprehensive support, education, and top-notch training, we're here to help you embrace an active lifestyle like never before!

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Disclaimer: LimbPower cannot be held responsible for the sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm experienced by participants in the Prepare to Run Programme. Proceed with caution; side effects may include an uncontrollable urge to conquer the world!

Do not embark on any new exercise programme without first consulting your G.P. and or Rehabilitation Consultant.

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