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LimbPower Joins the Movement on National Fitness Day

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Tuesday 30th August 2022

National Fitness Day 2022 will take place on Wednesday 21st September and is a chance to highlight the crucial role physical activity plays in the rehabilitation of amputees and individuals with limb difference.

‘Days like these are a vital tool to raise awareness of the importance of exercise in assisting us amputees and individuals with limb difference to carry out activities of daily living and lead healthier and fulfilled lives. Exercise is fundamental to support the maintenance of our functional strength and core strength enables us to remain mobile and active.’, Kiera Roche, CEO LimbPower.

In addition to the physical benefits, LimbPower believes that exercise can be used to bring community members together to support both mental and social well-being.

  1. How you can get involved

Take part in one or more of LimbPower’s FREE online exercise classes. You can register and see the full list of classes here

Join our Walking Wednesday group and go for a walk, it can be to your front gate and back or a 10k hike through the local countryside.

  1. Try a new activity to start your own personal fitness journey. There are lots of ideas on the LimbPower website

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