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LimbPower and Fletchers Foundation Join Forces to Transform Lives at the #ICan Adult Camp this March.

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Thursday 1st February 2024

The LimbPower #ICan Adult Camp, offers a holistic experience aimed at enhancing the physical and mental well-being of adults with an amputation/s or limb impairments. The camp provides a platform for participants to engage in accessible and inclusive outdoor activities, including canoeing, archery, climbing, and zip-lining. Beyond the adventures, the camp fosters a sense of community, allowing participants to meet individuals with shared experiences, exchange stories, and build self-confidence.

One previous campers attest to the life-changing impact of the #ICan Adult Camp, "I had an amazing time at the camp. I met some lovely people and tried things I never thought I could do. It was a great boost for my self-esteem and independence." Another camper described it as a "life-changing experience," highlighting the newfound skills, friendships, and personal challenges overcome during the camp.

The #Ican Adult Camp aligns with research on camp experiences and draws inspiration from a study by Thurber, Scanlin, Scheuler, and Henderson (2007). The study found significant increases in self-esteem, peer relationships, adventure, leadership, environmental awareness, and spiritual growth. Campers reported higher levels of positive emotions, such as joy, interest, and pride, during camp than in their daily lives.

Reece Hobson-Adams, Director of Fletchers Foundation, said: “Fletchers Foundation is incredibly proud to work with like-minded organisations, which is why sponsoring LimbPower’s #ICan Adult Camp was a natural fit. It provides a much-needed lifeline to so many, who, through this activity break can make connections, build long-lasting friendships and share experiences, all set against the picturesque backdrop of Exmoor.

The ethos of the Foundation is to help individuals and their families thrive after a serious injury, accident, or illness, and we’re delighted to support LimbPower for the excellent work it is doing in also achieving these shared values.”

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