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new reVAMP Fitness and Nutrition Programme for Amputees starting again in January 2022

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Friday 7th January 2022

reVAMP is a life-changing fitness and nutritional programme created to support amputees and individuals with limb difference with a unique 12-week course of adapted challenging exercise circuits and nutritional advice. We educate, support and guide limb different participants to achieve weight loss and increase physical exercise within a safe and controlled support network of; the LimbPower team, industry professionals and like-minded disabled people aiming to reach the same goal.

During these 12 weeks, this reVAMP programme guides participants to make better dietary choices and teach adapted exercise routines specifically targeted for amputees or people with limb difference. We offer up-to-date advice on recommended life-swaps and changes to daily routines to improve overall health and fitness leading to improved mental health, mobility and physical health for life.

See below a couple of lovely quotes from previous participants on the last reVAMP programme:

“Thanks to LimbPower and Jack for providing such a great programme it has provided (and continues to provide) a real fitness structure for me during lockdown”. Kate, Advanced programme.

“Thanks, guys, you have all been amazing. You were a lifeline to me when I felt I was drowning. I can feel myself getting a lot stronger and more optimistic.” Lynn, Beginners Programme.

Contact Rebecca Legon at LimbPower for more infomation or to secure your place. Places are limited.

T: 07779 080713
E: rebecca@limbpower.com

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