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I Can, You Can, We Can Campaign

Posted by LimbPowerAdmin on Wednesday 29th November 2017


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Date: Wednesday 29th November, 2017

Sunday the 3rd of December is European Limb Loss Day and the International Day for Persons with a Disability. These days were created to raise awareness of the barriers and facilitators to inclusion for people with disabilities and specifically people with limb Loss or limb difference.

Three charities, the Limbless Association, LimbPower and Steps who work with these communities have come together to create a new campaign called ‘I Can, You Can, We Can.’ This campaign will focus on what can be achieved by individuals alone, ‘I Can’, with the support from charities and organisations ‘You Can’ and with the support of healthcare professionals and the prosthetic industry, ‘We Can’.

On Wednesday 29th November, a team of amputees, charity staff and healthcare professionals will climb the iconic O2 to launch the campaign. The climb will highlight what can be achieved with the right attitude, support and equipment, and when we all work together.

Upper limb amputee, Para climber, This Girl Can Climb ambassador, Asian Women of Achievement 2017 and winner of the Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration at The Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year Awards 2017 said, “I am so excited to be part of this climb to promote awareness of what can be achieved by people with limb loss and limb difference and to promote awareness of the International Day for Persons with a Disability and the European Limb Loss Day. It is so important that non-disabled people understand the barriers we face day-to-day and the obstacles we overcome to get active and stay active, I believe that I Can, You Can and We Can together’.

Our team will be raising funds to launch the I Can Youth Camps which will run in 2018 for 13-18 year and for 18-24 year olds to aid their physical, social and psychological rehabilitation. We have identified through research (1) that the transition from Junior school to secondary school and secondary school to employment are difficult and anxious times for young amputees. We have also identified that many children with limb difference never meet another child with a similar disability throughout their entire Rehabilitation, which can lead to feeling of isolation and low self-esteem. We believe that theseyoung people's camps will help with their self-efficacy, self-esteem ad self-worth and lead to lifelong friendships.

Gracie Matthews, Junior Ambassador and above knee amputee who took part in a Climbing Out weekend this September said,

‘Taking part in the Climbing Out week this year has helped open doors I thought were shut forever after my amputation. The work that these charities do to support young people is fantastic, in 5 days I took on big physical and emotional challenges that now help me through my normal life. The programme helped me realise that I CAN do so much still and that it is just about adapting the way I approach life. The tools that this camp gave me will continue to help my journey progress much more than I could have imagined”.


Limb difference falls into three categories;

  • 1.Congenital Limb difference of one or more limbs,

  • 2. Acquired limb loss through trauma, such as war or an accident and illness such as diabetes, cancer and meningitis,

Or those born with or acquired a limb difference such as fibular hemimelia where the individual can undergo

  • 3. an amputation in order to wear a prosthesis.

Each pathology is different and requires different treatments and interventions.

O2 Climb

A team of 50 amputees, individuals with limb difference, charity workers and healthcare professions will be climbing the 02 at 12.00 and 12.30 on Wednesday 29th November. We will be fundraising to support the I Can Camps.

I Can Camps for Young People with Limb Challenge

I Can PGL Camp is for 13 – 18 year olds and takes place between Friday 11th and Sunday 13th May 2018 at Liddington Multi-Activity Youth Centre, King Edwards Place, Foxhill, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 0DZ. There are 20 places available for young people with limb difference.

I Can Climbing Out Camp is for 18-24 year olds and takes place between Monday 10th and Friday 14th Sept 2018 at Castletown YHA, Peak District. There are places for 16 Young people for young people with limb difference.

LimbPower - If you would like to know more about how LimbPower can help you get active, get fit and meet new

people then get in touch with or visit our website to find out how you can get involved.

LimbPower is a registered charity, No. 1132829

Limbless Association - If you would like to know more about how Limbless Association can help you get in touch via

Limbless Association is a registered charity, No. 803533

Steps - If you would like to know more about Steps, and how we support families affected by lower limb deficiencies and conditions, please email, or call our Helpline on 01925 750271.

Steps is a registered charity, No. 1094343


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